Experience the thrill of conquering the wave

in 🇲🇪Montenegro

What is Wakesurfing?

Refresh and Relax
Escape your worries, relieve stress, find a sense of freedom and lightness—then go on to conquer new heights.
The Perfect Summer Day
Ride in beautiful natural surroundings, engage in conversations, and capture amazing photos.
Adrenaline Boost
Experience a surge of energy—almost like riding a roller coaster, but even better.
Connect with Friends and Loved Ones
Find yourself on the same wave with your loved ones and share the experience.

Local Community

that you'll become a part of
Over 250 tech professionals, entrepreneurs, designers, and adventure seekers who are part of our community
Regular beach parties and sporting events in Tivat
There is always someone to join you for the next ride

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Perfect Conditions

Top-Notch Boats
Centurion—recognized for high-quality wakesurfing. Designed to create perfect waves and stylish photo ops.
Comfort Gear
Safety vests and wetsuits ensure safety and comfort in any weather, along with accessories like water caps, socks, and mitts.
Modern Boards
Choose from classic skim boards by Phase 5 or surf-style boards by Tentacle for your preferred riding experience.
Scenic Pleasure
Take in picturesque landscapes and crystal-clear waters in spots where the wind won’t disturb your ride.

We're Here to Make Sure You Enjoy It

Ensuring Fun
We'll ensure it's fun, and if needed, we’ll find you some company.
Providing Safety
Detailed safety instructions, a life jacket, and fall training.
Getting You on the Board
Stand up or get your money back.
Introducing You to the Water
We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with the water and the board.
Making Sure You’re Comfortable
Attention to all, regardless of experience or age. Special focus on beginners.
How Does a Session Work?
We gather 15 minutes early at the designated meeting point
We pick out wetsuits if the water's still chilly
We select the right life jacket and board for you
We head to the nearest riding spot, just 7 minutes away from the meeting point
You'll get personalized instruction on how to stand up and ride the board with the captain
Ride for as long as you have chosen
We head back to the port, recharged and happy

How Much Does It Cost?

For those who want to spend time in good company
per person
Join a group session with up to 6 people. Each person gets about 12 minutes of ride time
For families and groups up to six people
per hour
Rent the boat by the hour and share the time however you like
For families and groups up to six people
A three-hour boat tour with swimming and wakesurfing

What Our Guests Say


It's chilly outside. Should I start now or wait until it's warmer?
You should start now. Warm wetsuits will keep you from getting cold, and the waters will be less crowded—experience the charm of the cool air. 🙃
What should I bring?
The same things you'd take to the beach: swimsuit, towel, sunglasses, a hat, and SPF sunscreen. 😎
Will I have somewhere to change, shower, and use the restroom?
Yes. There are showers and restrooms at the port, plus running water on the pier next to the boat. You can change in the showers or discreetly on the boat, covered by a towel.
I want to invite friends who don't wakesurf. Can I?
Of course! The boat can accommodate you and up to five other guests.
I don't have anyone to go with. Can I go alone?
Sometimes, that’s even better: you can focus on riding or learn some tricks. Alternatively, our administrator can connect you with someone from our community.

Invite Your Friends and Loved Ones

Give them a gift certificate for any service: choose either a physical certificate in stylish packaging or an electronic one with a cool design.

How to Find Us

📍 Airport Marina Port — City of Tivat, Montenegro.

Here's how you can reach us from various points in Montenegro.

🚗 From Tivat
Enter "Wake Montenegro" into your GPS. Look for the Airport Marina sign on the left, park for free, and walk to the very end of Pier B (for small boats).

🚗 From Budva, Kotor, Bar, and other cities
Drive to the Tivat bus station, then take a taxi to Wake Montenegro.

🚗 From Porto Montenegro, Nikki Beach, Porto Novi
Join us on a boat ride for an additional fee.

We are open daily from April 1 to December 1, from 06:00 to 20:00 (or as long as it's light).

Our administrator Masha is always ready to help.